The Movie Lovers - Bonus Episode: DC Animated & Oscars

While recording Episode 75 it became clear to Jeff and Shanna they needed to parse the Week in Review out into a separate bonus episode. So, what you have here is a discussion that is roughly 30 minutes on DC animated movies, 20 minutes on the Oscars and related movies, and 10 minutes of other stuff they've seen since the last episode. Hope you enjoy!

Don't forget to check out the 10 Best DC Animated Movies article coming soon!

And our 75th episode of The Movie Lovers will be released on Tuesday, 2/18. The Main Event will be a review of Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (we're sticking with that title!) with Film Faves: DC Movies.

Show Notes
·         Opening and Introduction
·         The Week in Review (0:02:10)  
o    Shanna’s Week
§  Heal 
§  Unbelievable
o    Jeff’s Week: (0:10:44)
§  All-Star Superman 
§  The Inhumans
o    Our Week: (0:18:10)
§  Harriet  
§  1917
§  2020 Oscars  
§  DC Animated Movies
§  Harley Quinn
·         Where You Can Find Us and Ending (1:05:15)


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