The Movie Lovers - Episode 58: The Year So Far, 1985

Jeff and Shanna had to change plans suddenly due to a scheduling conflict! So, they'll discuss Toy Story 4 in a future episode. However, this time they look at the year so far and pick the worst and best of the year. In addition, Shanna catches up on a few Netflix shows and they go back in time to 1985! (cue Huey Lewis music) They count down their COMBINED list of favorite films from 1985.

Next time on The Movie Lovers: Spider-Man: Far from Home and Film Faves: Sci-Fi and Fantasy of the Decade! Look for it on 7/9.

Show Notes
·         Opening and Introduction
·         The Week in Review (0:01:21)  
o    Shanna’s Week:
§  You  
§  Russian Doll  
§  The Ted Bundy Tapes  
§  Brazil  
o    Our Week:    (0:16:10)
§  The Upside
·         The Main Event: The Year So Far (0:22:08)  
o    General Discussion
o    The Worst & Best of the Year (So Far)
·         Film Faves: 1985 (0:57:35)  
·         Where You Can Find Us and Ending (1:31:12)

Our Fave 1985 Movies:
12. Desperately Seeking Susan - Prime
11. Weird Science
10. The Color Purple
9.  Ran
8.  Mask
7.  Lost in America
6.  Teen Wolf - Prime
5.  The Goonies
4.  The Jewel of the Nile
3.  The Breakfast Club
2.  Clue - Prime
1.  Back to the Future


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