The Movie Lovers - Episode 51: Captain Marvel, 1988

In this episode Jeff and Shanna catch up with a few 2018 blind spots and review Marvel Studios's box office behemoth, Captain Marvel. Afterwards, they count down their joint list of their favorite movies from the year 1988.

Next time on The Movie Lovers... Jordan Peele's Us and Film Faves: Foreign Film of the Decade! Look for it on 4/2.

Show Notes
·         Opening and Introduction
·         The Week in Review (0:01:22)  
o    Shanna’s Week
§  Brave Little Toaster  
§  Assassination of Versace
o    Our Week: (0:10:46)  
§  Bad Reputation 
§  Can You Ever Forgive Me?
§  Mary Queen of Scots
·         The Main Event: Captain Marvel (0:32:18)  
o    The Good
o    The Bad
o    Spoilers & Final Thoughts (0:49:29)
·         Film Faves: 1988 (01:12:20) 
·         Where You Can Find Us and Ending (1:47:43)

Our Fave 1988 Movies:
12.  Bull Durham – Prime, Netflix
11. The Great Outdoors
10. Scrooged
9.  Young Guns
8.  Crocodile Dundee II
7.  Rain Man – Prime, Hulu
6.  Beetlejuice
5.  Big
4.  Oliver & Company
3.  The Land Before Time – HBO Now
2.  Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
1.  Die Hard



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