The Movie Lovers - Episode 24: Black Panther, 2002

After re-adjusting their recording schedule, Jeff and Shanna are back with a new episode! In this episode they catch up on movies they've been watching, review Black Panther, and count down their favorite movies from the year 2002.

Check out the original Film Faves: 2002 article

Next time on The Movie Lovers: A main review of Annihilation or A Wrinkle in Time and Film Faves: 2001. Keep an eye out on Facebook for further details! That should be posted on 3/13.

Show Notes:
·         Opening and Introduction
·         The Week in Review (0:01:56) 
o    Shanna’s Week:  
§   Here & Now HBO
o    Jeff’s Week: (0:05:02)  
§  Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
o    Our Week: (0:08:26) 
§  Gangs of New York
§  In Bruges
§  I, Tonya
§  The Secret in Their Eyes
·         The Main Event: Black Panther (0:32:50)  
o    The Good
o    The Bad and General Discussion
o    Spoilers and Final Thoughts (0:59:00)
·         Film Faves: 2002 (1:08:55) 
·         Where You Can Find Us and Ending (1:57:01)

Shanna’s Fave 2002 Movies:
12.  Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets – HBO Now
11. Minority Report
10. About a Boy – HBO Now
9.  Secretary - Hulu
8.  The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
7.  The Hours – HBO Now
6.  Searching for Debra Winger
5.  Catch Me If You Can
4.  Lilo & Stitch - Hulu
3.  Real Women Have Curves – HBO Now
2.  Spirited Away
1.  My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Jeff’s Fave 2002 Movies:
12. Real Women Have Curves – HBO Now
11. About a Boy – HBO Now
10. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
9.  Spider-Man
8.  Minority Report
7.  Searching for Debra Winger
6.  Catch Me If You Can
5.  Comedian - Netflix
4.  The Ring
3.  Bowling for Columbine
2.  LOTR: The Two Towers
1.  Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets – HBO Now


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