The Movie Lovers - Episode 19: Winter Movie Preview, Christmas Movies

In this episode Jeff and Shanna look ahead at what movies are coming during the Winter months and count down their favorite Christmas movies. Leave us a review!

NOTE: We apologize for the sound quality in this episode. The mic became more sensitive after sound check. It should be fixed next time.

Next episode: Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Film Faves: Golden Globe winners! Look for that on Tuesday, 12/26

Show Notes
·         Opening and Introduction
·         The Week in Review (0:01:31)  
o    Shanna’s Week:  
§  A Bad Moms Christmas
o    Jeff’s Week (0:04:13):  
§  Megan Leavey
§  A Separation
o    Our Week: (0:10:40) 
§  Coco / Olaf’s Christmas Tradition
§  The Gifted
§  Election
§  Timecrimes
·         The Main Event: Winter Movie Preview (0:28:54)
o    December
o    January
o    February
·         Film Faves: Christmas Movies (0:49:43)  
·         Where You Can Find Us and Ending (1:28:05)

Shanna’s Fave Christmas Movies:
12. Uncle Buck
11. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
10. The Santa Clause
9.  Stepmom
8.  It’s a Wonderful Life
7.  National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
6.  Love Actually
5.  Christmas with the Kranks
4.  A Christmas Story
3.  Gremlins - Netflix
2.  Home Alone
1.  Elf

Jeff’s Fave Christmas Movies:
12. Batman Returns
11. The Santa Clause
10. Trading Places - Netflix
9. Home Alone
8.  The Nightmare Before Christmas - Netflix
7.  Gremlins - Netflix
6.  Lethal Weapon
5.  Die Hard
4.  Love Actually
3.  Elf
2.  A Christmas Story
1.  National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation



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