The Movie Lovers: The Official Podcast of The Gibson Review

The Gibson Review has entered new territory: podcasting.  Join my wife, Shanna Paxton, and me as take the blog to your ears, discussing movies and movie-related topics.

In this episode we introduce the podcast by way of discussing why podcast and what brought us to this adventure. We openly admit this is new territory for us and we know very little about the technical side of podcasting; we're learning as we go. So, we apologize if the sound is a little rough. We also ran a little long, but we hope to work our way to a manageable 90 minutes on average.

You'll find a new episode posted here every other week. Keep your eyes peeled. Below are the episode and the show notes.
This is one of a few changes coming to The Gibson Review and I hope you enjoy it.

           Opening and Introduction
·         The Main Event: Why Podcast? (0:0:30)
·         The Week in Review (0:17:10)
o   Shanna’s Week (0:17:20)
§  The Window Channel
§  Nancy Drew (0:20:00)
§  Stepmom (0:23:30)
o   Jeff’s Week (0:29:37)
§  The Eighties
§  Power Rangers (0:38:05)
§  The Incredible Hulk (0:47:40)
o   Our Week (0:54:52)
§  20th Century Women
·         Film Faves: 2016 (1:07:45)
·         Where You Can Find Us and Ending (2:15:00)

Shanna’s Faves of 2016:
12. Captain America: Civil War
11. 10 Cloverfield Lane
10. A Monster Calls
9. Kubo & the Two Strings
8. Doctor Strange
7. Moonlight
6. Hidden Figures
5. Moana
4. 20th Century Women
3. Bad Moms
2. Ghostbusters
1. Arrival

Jeff’s Faves of 2016:
12. Sing Street
11. Bad Moms
10. La La Land
9. The Shallows
8. Zootopia
7. Moana
6. 10 Cloverfield Lane
5. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
4. Swiss Army Man
3. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
2. Kubo & The Two Strings
1. Captain America: Civil War

Feel free to email constructive feedback to our discussions to Thanks for listening!

Next episode: Movie-Going Habits & Etiquette


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