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25 Best Romantic Comedies of All Time

The romantic comedy is a tough genre. Let's be honest, like comedy and horror it's a genre chock-full of garbage. In the case of romantic comedies, they usually follow the same plot: guy and girl meet cute, guy and girl see each other, guy and girl fight, guy and girl make up. Sometimes, to add an inconsequential amount of variety, guy and girl either A) never express their mutual feelings and conflict arises or B) conflict arises from someone not being honest. At any rate, most romantic comedies follow one of these plot lines and really do nothing to add anything new to the genre. Worst of all, we know how the movie will end: girl gets guy (usually the movie is told from a female perspective).

The genre is full of movies with the same tired story and the same tired tropes. So, it's worth asking: are there any good romantic comedies? If so, which are the best?

Worry not, for I have mined through 90 years worth of films to offer you the 25 best romantic comedies. Now, befor…