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The Best & Worst of 2012

This year was a great year for movies.
Narrowing them down to a list of the Top Ten proved quite challenging. There were so many great films that they bumped many of my favorites – including The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and 21 Jump Street – off the list. Not all of them are as popular as some of my favorites, but they were far more exciting, surprising, or accomplished.
Now, once again, I haven’t seen every film that’s come out this year (only 50); it’s simply impossible to see every film.Last year, I had yet to see Melancholia at the time of posting my Best of the Year list and that film ended up being my #1 afterwards.There is the possibility of that situation repeating this year, since I have yet to see the one film that many critics agree is the best film of the year: Zero Dark Thirty.That film has only opened in five theaters nationwide until January 11.
Other films of note I’ve missed so far include: Amour, Bully, Frankenweenie, The Imposter, The Master, Ted, and This is No…