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Inception Kicks Audiences from Sleepy Season

To paraphrase a line from Christopher Nolan’s Inception, an idea is the most infectious thing in the world. Inception is the first imaginative, original idea to hit theaters this year. It is the sort of thing that will infect pop culture and be parodied and talked about for months. Ditch those Twilight boys. Blow off that bender of air. Lay down arms with those relentless Predators. Heck, even Toy Story 3, with all its poignant adolescent melancholy, suffers from familiarity by comparison. Inception is not a sequel, remake, or adaptation of some bestseller’s list series of novels or iconic TV show. It is an idea that is derived from nothing but Nolan’s brilliant mind.

In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt recruit Ellen Page into a world of dream theft and carefully crafted ideas manifested as physical forms in the subconscious. While, as seasoned actors who started their careers during adolescence, they are also apparently guiding this relatively new actress, who’s …

The Gibson Revue: A Movie Marathon

It's an idea that's been brought up to me time and time again.  I finally took it seriously.

If you're a regular reader of this movie blog then you probably enjoy movies about as much as I do.  It's time you, me, and those other two readers got together in one place.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, join me for a day of movies, movie chatter, and food.

When:  Saturday, August 28th at 1:30p

Where:  My house (contact for details)

What:  Three movies, with brief discussions after each.  And food.

2p:  True Grit, starring John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn.  2hrs. 8mins.

4:30p:  Let The Right One In, the Swedish sensation that rocked the world.  2hrs.

7p:  Zombieland, starring Woody Harrelson, Abigail Breslin, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenburg... and BM.  1hr. 21mins.

Please no kids. 

Try to contact me if you're planning to participate, so I can prepare for your presence (see what I did there?).

Predators: You'll Be Game for This Hunt

The Predator, that other alien that has become a thing of sci-fi and comic book cult geekdom over the years, has returned to theaters to reload its own franchise.  It’s been a staggering twenty years since the last Predator film.  Predator 2, starring Danny Glover as a cop who seems to go one desperately belligerent step further than those action junkies in Hot Fuzz, took what was great about its predecessor and cranked it up to moronic levels, resulting in the proper franchise’s dormancy (those Alien Vs. Predator films were a tangent – and not a very good one).

Predators brings us back to where it all began… sort of.

Like the Schwarzenegger 1987 original, this film takes place in the jungle and focuses on a unit of hard-hitters. Only this time they aren’t a tight-knit group of comrades and they aren’t in the jungles of South America. In Predators, directed by Nimrod Antal (Armored) and produced by Robert Rodriguez (Desperado), we are introduced to a group of wary, yet similar, stran…

Eclipse Eludes Suck of the Summer Season

I am not a Twilight fan.

I can say that truthfully having suffered through over 1,300 pages of poorly-written, insufferable whining and self-absorbed melodrama that runs throughout the Twilight series. So abundant were my problems with the novels that I could not bring myself to finish the third entry, Eclipse.

There are those whose hate is so immense that the mere mention of Twilight is met with a hiss as though it were garlic or some religious relic (even if they’ve never read any of the books). I am not among them, although I can relate to some of their reasons.

While I may have finally shrugged off the novels, having opened myself to so much of the series I am unable to resist the curiosity of seeing how the films fare. I’ve watched each movie optimistically, hoping for someone to come along and make something decent out of the source.

Twilight was abbreviated fan-service that skimmed over the interesting parts of the novel; more a product than an actual film.

New Moon was only sl…