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Best of the Decade: Romance & Horror (revised)

The decade is winding down. And people all over the internet are starting to count down (though slightly prematurely) their best of the decade lists. I am no different in catching that excitement and interest in reviewing the decade that soon will be no more in film. So, starting this month I hope to write a series of blogs (one per month) that counts down the best in film, first by genres, then my ultimate Top 10 of the Decade, leading to a list of the 100 Greatest Films of the Decade. Some may recall I started this list over 4 years ago, counting the Top 50 of the decade's 1st half.

So, with this first entry of the series, I thought I'd focus on two genres. In celebration of the release of Paper Heart and (500) Days of Summer, the latter in particular is getting exceptional buzz, I thought I'd count down the Top 10 Romances. And as a contrast to that, Top 10 Horror.

All right. So, romance movies. If there's ANY of these films you haven't seen, definitely make sur…