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Best of the Decade: Foreign and Action Films

Welcome once again to my series of blogs that takes a look back at the decade and counts down the best in film. This is the fifth entry in the series, Foreign and Action films, and the first from which I will hopefully post weekly every Wednesday night.

So, let's get on with it. Foreign language films are strangely enough the toughest sell to the general American audience - more than any genre of film. It's somewhat odd, because foreign is not a genre per se. It just means that it came from somewhere else. So, there are foreign language films of every genre that appeals to the general American audience (animation, action, comedy - you name it). But it's still tough for foreign films to catch on here. Why? Because of subtitles. As a result, out of the hundreds of foreign films that are released every year, only a small few make a mark - and the lucky handful become popular Stateside.

Regardless, foreign films did gain some acceptance from American audiences this past decade…

Best of the Decade: Musicals and Family Films

All right. So, I'm back with the 4th part of my series of blogs that looks back on the movies of the decade and counts down the best. I've finally reached a point where I can be more consistent about how often I post blogs. I hope to be able to post once a week from now on.

So, this week I will be counting down the best in musicals and family films. Let me begin with musicals. The musical genre had a bit of a resurgence this decade, beginning with the success of Moulin Rouge in 2001. I believe this lead to a release that averaged one or two musicals per year (excluding animated features). Unfortunately, some were not very good and others were adequate. Due to the lack of output and quality, it was impossible for me to create a top 10 list. Therefore, I present to you the top five musicals of the decade:

5. Hairspray
4. Bride & Prejudice
3. Dancer in the Dark
2. Once
1. Moulin Rouge

Honorable mention: Dreamgirls

And now for family films. The reason this was quite difficult w…

Best of the Decade: Comic Book Movies & Sci-fi (revised)

Ok, so it's time for another entry into my series of best movies of the decade. Just to remind everybody, this is a series of blogs that is counting down the best of the decade in film, first through the top 10 of each genre, then the top actresses and actors of the decade, moving into a countdown of the top 10 films overall, and a list of the top 100 films of the decade. A lot of work? Perhaps, but I am up to the challenge and have been hard at work on this for a couple months now.

So, here we go. This week, I will look at comic book movies and science fiction films. First up: comic book movies.

This decade has seen an explosion of sorts with movies based on comic books to the extent that it went beyond just an occasional novelty - a la Donner's Superman, Burton's Batman, and every Howard the Duck and Steel in between - to a respectable genre of its own. Some say it started with 2002's Spider-Man, others claim 2000's X-Men, but I say it really started with 1998&#…

Worst Movies of the Decade

I just wanted to take a time-out from my series on the best films of the decade to recognize the worst. While I've only seen one film on Rotten Tomatoes' list of the worst reviewed films of the decade I have managed to see some crap. Thankfully, the nightmares must be over since I had to research my Netflix ratings to jog my memory on crappy movies.

So, here are my top 25 worst movies I've seen this decade. The movies listed below are all theatrical releases only, NO straight-to-DVD films. I've decided to make a brief statement about the top 10 as to why I thought they were crap.


1. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
While the action in this cash cow is truly awesome, the reason this movie stands above all the terrible action movies listed below is it isn't just horrendously ridiculous, illogical, or full of itself - no, it is the single most offensive film I've seen this decade. It's racist, sexist, objectifies women, and insults the audience's …

Best of the Decade: Documentaries & Animation

All right, finally on to the next countdown of the decade. For this entry, I'll be counting down my picks for the best documentaries and animated features of the decade.

This has been a highly politically-charged decade and documentaries reflected the polarizing issues of the time. The genre also took a more populist turn this decade, which worked in favor of the issue-heavy films. In fact, at first glance it was rather difficult to think of films that didn't have anything to do with foreign politics or social issues. But upon further research, it was clear there were just as many Grizzly Mans as there were Inconvenient Truths. Here are the ones that are guaranteed to entertain and engage your minds:

10. DiG!
9. Control Room
8. Winged Migration
7. Spellbound
6. An Inconvenient Truth
5. Who Killed the Electric Car?
4. Fahrenheit 9/11
3. Murderball
2. Bowling for Columbine
1. Fog of War

Honorable mentions: Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, The Corporation, and Super Size Me

Even …

Best of the Decade: Romance & Horror (revised)

The decade is winding down. And people all over the internet are starting to count down (though slightly prematurely) their best of the decade lists. I am no different in catching that excitement and interest in reviewing the decade that soon will be no more in film. So, starting this month I hope to write a series of blogs (one per month) that counts down the best in film, first by genres, then my ultimate Top 10 of the Decade, leading to a list of the 100 Greatest Films of the Decade. Some may recall I started this list over 4 years ago, counting the Top 50 of the decade's 1st half.

So, with this first entry of the series, I thought I'd focus on two genres. In celebration of the release of Paper Heart and (500) Days of Summer, the latter in particular is getting exceptional buzz, I thought I'd count down the Top 10 Romances. And as a contrast to that, Top 10 Horror.

All right. So, romance movies. If there's ANY of these films you haven't seen, definitely make sur…