The Movie Lovers - Episode 17: Thor: Ragnarok, 2005

Jeff and Shanna review the latest from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor: Ragnarok and count down their favorite films from the year 2005.

The Movie Lovers - Episode 16: Raw, Sister Movies

Jeff and Shanna overcome one hurtle after another to bring you this Halloween episode with a review of this year's horror hit, Raw. Since the Main Event film involves a couple of sisters, Film Faves counts down their favorite movies about sisters.

The Movie Lovers - Episode 15: Blade Runner 2049, 2006

In our 15th episode, Jeff and Shanna catch up on a few summer and fall releases together, review Blade Runner 2049, and countdown their favorite movies of 2006.

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The Movie Lovers - Episode 14: Kingsman: The Golden Circle, 2007

Jeff and Shanna review the much-anticipated Kingsman sequel. Were they satisfied?

Also, they return to their year-by-year countdown with the last decade's worst year: 2007.

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The Movie Lovers - Episode 13: Band Aid, F-Rated Movies

Shanna and Jeff catch up on a buttload of movies, review Band Aid, discuss F-Rated movies, and countdown their favorite F-Rated movies.

The Movie Lovers - Episode 12: Fall Movie Preview, 2008

In this episode of The Movie Lovers Shanna and Jeff look ahead at what's coming out this fall season, discuss the movies they're looking forward to most, and count down their favorite movies of 2008.

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